What Our Customers are Saying




Got my first haircut there and I already love it!

Juliana did an AMAZING job on my hair as well as my 4 bridesmaids for my wedding. She did it without ever even doing a consultation. We received so many compliments that day. I recommend her to anyone!

Best in Rochester. So happy I found her. She always gets my hair right, and I love the atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Julianna is incredibly talented, sweet and professional. She did everything I asked for and really helped to make my wedding day spectacular. I would highly recommend her for any occasion!

FINALLY I have found a permanent hair stylist! Julianna does a wonderful job. She ensures that you have the best haircut and does not rush you out of the studio. She washes, cuts, puts styling product in and then actually styles your hair! Last time my appointment took an hour just for a simple cut! I have been to plenty of stylists but none have ever stuck. In addition, the salon is also very chic! Thank you Julianna :)

Five Stars!

Julianna is a friend of mine from high school, so it's no surprise that we have a great time whenever I go in. She's always listens to what I want and produces something better than I expected. I recommend her at any chance I get!

Julianna receives 5 stars! Life isn't perfect but your hair can be. Visit Julianna Salon + Spa.

Very good skill, she understood what I wanted for my hair. Definitely my number one choice!

Julianna was amazing--I trusted her to chop off my long hair and do a short hairstyle and she delivered!

The quality of service and prices are fantastic!

Love Amie and Julianna!

Julianna is simply amazing! I trust her to listen to my ideas for my hair and also trust her judgment on what will work/look the best. She has done extensions for me, given me highlights, done the ombre coloring (when that was in!), colored my hair darker, styled my hair for weddings and most recently changed up my style by giving me bangs. Visiting her even for a trim is always a pleasant experience :) I honestly can't say enough good things!

Love Julianna! She did my hair for my wedding and it was exactly what I wanted and stayed all night! She was so accommodating and such a pleasure to work with!

Julianna is amazing. She takes the time to get to know her clients and asks all the right questions to make sure you leave happy. I have done something different with my hair almost every time I have been there (simply because I love change!) and she has always delivered. So thankful to have found Julianna after going through a lot of less-than-stellar hairdressers in the Rochester area.

Beautiful salon. Julianna is wonderful! Great pedicure. Would totally recommend. Will be back.

Just went here to get my hair cut. This place is WONDERFUL. The hair stylist who cut my hair did such a great job. I came prepared with a photo and she cut it just how I specified. I'll definitely be making any future hair appointments here.

Five Stars!

Julianna is talented and kind. I've been getting my hair cut there for the last 6 months and she is always very friendly and accommodating.

I have been to this salon for a year and will never go anywhere else! I have very thin hair due to Lupus and Julianna always makes me leaving feeling beautiful and sexy! She always finds a cute cut for me that is manageable and feminine. She takes the time to explain how to do the style just so it can be duplicated perfectly. You can call with questions and she's as sweet and personable on the phone as she was in person. I am so blessed to have found her!

Quite simply the best haircut of my life. Julianna is friendly and obviously talented. The salon is well decorated and peaceful; though the most important aspect of this visit was previously stated- She gave me the best haircut of my life.

Julianna gave my fiance and me fantastic haircuts! For my fiance, who has long wavy hair, she was able to turn a trainwreck haircut obtained at another salon in Rochester into a beautiful cut. She did a great job on men's fine hair as well. Highly recommend. A+.

I seriously love Julianna! She is so sweet and makes you feel right at home. She puts up with how difficult I am, and somehow knows what I want to do with my hair when I am unsure how to explain what I want. I give her "creative freedom" with minimal requests, and it turns out perfect every time. I trust her completely, even with how picky I am! Definitely recommend her!

Friendly, personable, moderately priced. I appreciate the time in which I was able to get in and out.

Julianna has been my stylist for a few years now and I've had long hair, curly hair, high/lowlighted hair, short hair of various styles, etc. She truly listens in an attempt to understand the vision in my head and I always feel more confident and attractive leaving the salon that I did walking in.